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"Friendly"      "Welcoming"      "Rewarding"      "Fun"      "Instructive"      "Brilliant"      "Joyous"

..Recruiting Now...Join Us...Recruiting Now...Join Us...Recruiting Now...Join Us...Recruiting Now..

The choir that brings out the music in singers of all abilities


Tickets for our next concert with Enfield Film Orchestra on Saturday 20 April are available from Chickenshed box office here:

Join us for an evening of some of the best of music from films you've probably seen (and if not, you wish you had).

Welcome to NLS! 

We're currently giving our homepage a bit of TLC so it's not quite looking its best, but you can still find out about us on the following pages or you can reach me via our contact page for more information.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Claire Stogden

Musical Director

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